Interested in cadastre and tabulation services?

Through this service we perform the identification, measurement, description and registration of real estate in cadastral documents and their representation on cadastral papers and plans.



The cadastre and tabulation are necessary for notarial deeds in case of sale-purchase, donation, etc., for mortgaging the property if a loan is desired or for the situation in which the aim is to obtain a guarantee on the ownership of the property.



Graphein provides all types of cadastral operations, namely:

The first registration in the integrated system of cadastre and real estate advertising

Construction apartments

Updating the cadastral documentation, the property limit or the surface of the building, the registration of the newly built construction

Termination of the collective land book

DTAC, PUD, PUZ, PUG notices

Updating the category of use, the destination of the building or the documentation with internal surveys

Dismantling or joining

According to the legislation in force, here are some of the situations for which we are at your disposal with these services:

Prepare a real estate project

The cadastral documentation is not registered in the land book

The cadastral documentation is no longer up to date with the legislation in force

You have an overlap with one or more neighbors

You want to mortgage or alienate a property

You have built a building and you want to register it in the land book

You need to set up an easement

Vreți să dezmembrați sau să alipiți unul sau mai multe imobile

The building can be repositioned without changing the shape / surface

The bank asks you for internal records and you have not prepared them

For deleting a construction from the land book

For opposability to third parties

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