Are you interested in engineering surveying services?

The realization of topographic surveys, either by maps or by plans of the terrestrial surface, represents one of the obligatory services for a construction, regardless of the stage in which it is.



The beneficiaries of this service can be individuals or construction companies interested in their future investment being located in accordance with the project, with the existing property limits in the database of cadastral offices and real estate advertising.


At Graphein we love to be proactive in providing relevant and necessary information for architects and designers, thus avoiding additional costs and delayed work. With increased attention to detail, the presence of our team on site helps you avoid assembly mistakes and thus repair costs. In addition, the presence of specialists ensures a continuous workflow. Tracing the elements in advance allows your teams to continue their work without interruption.


The Graphein team helps you get notices and other documents such as:

Topographic documentation

Plans with delimitation of properties and cadastral plots

Location plan, situation with elevations and contours

Situation plan with the representation of the details in the field

Plotting minutes

Drawing up the tracing network

Graph of deviations of the executed elements

Topographic survey for the building permit

Maps and topographic plans

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The Graphein team ensures the correct, efficient and fast realization of the Engineering Topography projects.