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Since its execution, a construction involves systemic activity of centralization and capitalization of information from measurements and observations made on phenomena and quantities that correspond to the properties of buildings in the process of interaction with the environment and technology.



Graphein offers these services to beneficiaries who want to have information in order to ensure the aptitude of some constructions for a normal operation, to evaluate the conditions for the prevention of incidents, accidents and damages, respectively to diminish the material damages, loss of life and environmental degradation.
The most common requests are for the monitoring of settlements and cracks for the construction in progress or, especially, for the neighboring ones.



The Graphein team pays attention to the smallest details, based on the experience of large projects, consolidated expertise and state-of-the-art specialized equipment.
During our activity execution we aim to:

Settlement monitoring

We use the method of high precision leveling, the most used in the study of construction deformations. Depending on the type and size of the construction, a geometric leveling network is created to monitor settlements.

Monitoring of plane movements

Deformations or plane displacements of buildings and land are determined by classical geodetic methods, GNSS methods or combined methods. Following the measurements, the absolute plane motion of the studied object can be determined.

Spatial displacement monitoring

Spatial deformations or displacements of buildings and terrain can be determined by classical geodetic methods, GNSS methods or combined methods. Following the measurements, the absolute three-dimensional motion of the studied object can be determined.

Crack monitoring

Represents the periodic monitoring of the evolution of cracks in different structures as a result of internal or external efforts. The width, length and depth of the cracks are measured with the help of special devices that ensure accuracies of 2-3 hundredths of a millimeter. The beneficiary finally receives the text documentation, digital photos of the cracks and graphics with the evolution of the opening variation.

Responsibly, we assume the following obligations and responsibilities:

  • To know all the details regarding the construction and to keep up to date the technical book of the construction;
  • To carry out the current follow-up, and for the special follow-up we will supervise the application of the programs and projects drawn up for this purpose;

Notify the owner or administrator of the situations that may cause a technical expertise.

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