Interested in topographic assistance services for the design, execution and installation of facades?

With relevant experience in the field and using a unique methodology in Romania, Graphein performs this service for new buildings with curtain walls or ventilated facades. Our experts relate to the dimensions in the plan and sketch the facades and specific sections that are completed with the dimensions measured in height.



Surveying and tracing facades is a necessary, complete and accurate analysis of the building. This generates detailed plans of great support for the work of the builder and the designer.


Graphein experts provide topographic assistance for the design, execution and installation of facades in collaboration with the most famous companies in the field. This expertise gives you the guarantee of an exceptional work and the expected results.
Choose us to benefit from the following services:


Preparation of the support network with the takeover of the network and the elevation ± 0.000m from the site

Creating a precision network on which subsequent measurements and tracings are based

Compensation of the network with specialized software to obtain the necessary precision for the project

Performing 3D Surveying and / or 3D Scanning

Measurements of facades supports: reporting, interpretation and verification of deviations for the purpose of informing the builder and designer

Drawing the points necessary for the planimetric assembly in accordance with the plans received from the designer

Preparation of installation plans to position the facades planimetrically and altimetrically according to the points drawn

Assembly assistance according to the requests of the installers, following the verification, highlighting and reporting of related deviations

Preparation of 3D survey for the mounted facades

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Do you want curtain walls or ventilated facades? For well-thought-out works, choose Graphein and benefit from topographic assistance for the design, execution and installation of facades.