Euro-Fereastra Awards 2019


At the International Conference Euro-Window & Euro-Construction May 2019, Graphein, one of the official partners of the event, won the award "Award Of Excellence - INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY" at Euro-Window Awards2019.

"Quality and a team that is involved for any project to be completed successfully will always be the winner. It was a special event and we were glad to be able to share our experiences with 400 other construction professionals. ”

Eugen Ursu, Managing Partner Graphein.

Digitalizăm orașe. Digitalizăm construcții. Contribuim la salvarea clădirilor de patrimoniu.

Scanarea 3D este doar punctul de plecare, iar viitorul este infinit mai digital, colaborativ, rapid, precis și transparent.

Graphein is the first choice of professionals in engineering topography projects, topographic assistance for infrastructure, cadastre and tabulation, 3D scanning, BOMA measurements and for tracking the behavior of buildings over time.
Grown organically, after its establishment in 2014, Graphein is now recommended as a measure of sustainable construction both in Romania and in Europe.
Professionalism and on-time delivery are the values ​​that have established our activity, and the continuous investment in resources, equipment, programs and state-of-the-art technologies has guaranteed us remarkable results.
Our goal is to make Graphein the European leader in geodesy, streamlining the construction process and costs.
Mission & Vision: To offer the most precise, relevant and accessible services in the field, contributing to the safety of constructions in Romania and Europe.
We are committed to continuously investing in our team, resources and the communities in which we engage in order to ensure sustainable development for Graphein.

Interview with the founders of Graphein for Entrepreneurial Bucharest

We are young entrepreneurs, people with initiative, ready to support the development of the city and the country in which we live. We found ourselves in a community that is heading in the same direction, that of the Entrepreneurial Bucharest initiative, a project by Banca Transilvania. This is how I became the first surveying company to win a week of free advertising on Radio Guerrilla. Creative by nature, we used the over 200 seconds to make the theodolite, laser scanner, drone and lead wire no longer look like rocket science to the public. But we'd better let the video convince you of that.

EuroFereastra EuroConstructii 3D Scanning Graphein Eugen Ursu 2019

The principles we follow:


Responsibility to the customer and the environment:

We operate in a competitive market, but we act responsibly both for the benefit of the client and with respect and care for the community.

Balancing objectives with delivery time:

We weigh the risks and benefits in the short and long term, so that we can assume viable terms. This balance has supported our growth and generated new business opportunities based on recommendations.

Integrity, respect and honesty:

Graphein works with full honesty and transparency, without omissions that can serve the company's purposes to the detriment of the beneficiary. We express ourselves with clarity, sincerity and with precision, we honor our communicated agreements and we count on respect both inside and outside the company.

The team brings value to the company:

We rely on individual performance, and at the same time we know & appreciate the importance and value of teamwork in the process of transforming goals into achievements.

Technology connection:

We appreciate the different ways of thinking and the benefits of precision brought by the technologicalization of the field. We believe that the latter generates new perspectives, supports innovation and has the ability to identify new opportunities for services or projects.

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