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The new 3D scanning technology gives us the opportunity to have access to accurate data about a building that has been scanned, without the need for revisits in field. The method is the easiest and safest way to obtain accurate construction data, whether it is a new, old, industrial or civil building. The data generated allows detailed analysis, from facades, walls to floors, regardless of obstacles.

Benefits of 3d scanning services

3D scanning is useful for engineers, architects and construction specialists, used for: Building Information Modeling, civil and industrial projects, architecture and urbanism, historical monuments and archaeological sites. The information is accurate and useful to any specialist in the field, as it allows small interventions to be carried out quickly and without high costs. A big plus of this method is that the various problems of the structure or facade are detected in time and can be remedied before they get worse.

scanare 3d
Scanarea 3D a fațadei Palatului Institutului de Arhitectură Ion Mincu




The laser scanning method allows the creation of a digital copy with millimeter precision for any type of construction.

The scan result is rendered through a dense network of dots that can be seen as a photo in which the pixels are defined as 3D coordinate points.

The digital copy made can be easily used and processed by specialists in the field, offering detailed plans scanned 3D - 2D survey - 3D model, without the need to travel in the field, so saving time.

It makes it possible to analyze any detail without affecting the surface of the scanned lens, which is essential for historical monuments or archaeological sites.

Facilitates the exact calculation of volumes.

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